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Your Gamify allows you to create and manage challenges and nested competitions, composed of different types of mechanisms.


Your Gamify Platform is an online cloud application that will cover all the possible gamification functionalities for companies and organizations in all the main functional areas, from marketing and promotions, to human resources and product development, from sales to business development.

Its credit system is already tokenized on a private ledger and it is a shared resource among all the products published in its platform. The final goal is to adopt GAM token as its “internal fuel”, creating a public ledger blockchain-based YourGamify platform.

YourGamify Tokens (GAM)

YourGamify Tokens (GAM)

(Also “GAM Tokens”, or “GAM”, or “YourGamify Tokens”), the utility tokens of YourGamify Platform used in all transactions related to distributed credits on the Platform itself. GAM follows ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain.



Gamification is having an enormous growth. But till now nobody provided an integrated and automated solution for every application. The goal of YourGamify Platform is precisely to provide a solution to this unsolved issue. This will result in a more efficient and economic process related to any kind of gamification application.

GAM Smart Contract:


Your Gamify is a user friendly, step-by-step app that gives you the opportunity to build your own landing page with simple or chained competitions. All that without any prior knowledge about web pages or competitions!

With Your Gamify you can create entertaining competitions and in addition acquire new users interested in you and your products and services.

Register to Enkronos Apps

Register to Enkronos Apps

Enkronos Apps are an unique tool that centralizes the entire concept of companies engaging with their consumers.

Build your First Your Gamify

Build your First Your Gamify

You can easily build your first Your Gamify in just a few steps. Just choose your design frame, build your contest and voila!

Customers can start playing!

Customers can start playing!

Engage specific audiences in social networks, for example in Facebook by creating advertising campaigns aimed to a specific target.


Your Gamify is just a starting point for a new relationship and communication with potential customers or users interested in your brand. This is an innovative and unprecedented way to create the perfect audience for your business identity, which allows you to start a new profitable relationship with your customers.

Examples of Your Gamify use:

  • Engaging your customers when releasing a new product using unique codes or other participation type
  • Boosting your social media presence with a contest using Facebook participation type
  • Creating all kinds of survey for your customers or employee satisfaction
  • Building chained contest for a longer customer retention rate
  • Giving free tokens for your ICO

User Friendly Design

User Friendly Design

Your Gamify design was made on a long customer experience basis. You simply start with choosing the colors of the design, insert the needed logo, pictures and text and create one or more contest.

Latest News

Latest News

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