INTRODUCTION In 2020, the video game industry will be worth $125 billion, which is the GDP of a country the size of Ukraine. Let’s face it: we all play or have played, video games. The average age of a gamer is 35, and one out of two gamers is a woman. If this sector works […]

Gamification in education has always been present with the aim of boosting motivation and making learning a fun and effective process. In recent years, gamification has evolved into digital learning and, according to the “Global game-based learning market report 2017-2022.” by Metaari. the game-based learning market will exceed $8,100 million by 2022. The growing use […]

The general and commonly accepted description of gamification is taking something is not actually a game and making it a game by applying game mechanics. The concept of gamification is becoming an important agenda of corporate companies. Naturally, this situation raises bunch of new questions: Why do companies need to gamify their businesses’ values and […]

An effective way to build customer loyalty is the application of gamification to its products and services. Also known as gamification, this marketing technique consists of applying mechanisms from the gaming world to strengthen the commitment of its consumers. This technique has already been adopted by many brands, each of which applies it in its […]

When creating a Your Gamify website that hosts chained contests you, as the creator, are required to prepare the needed basic information in order for the website to be published. Main phases: Preparation Start Duration Ending Preparation phase will help you prepare the needed content in order to have the website ready and operational. In this phase […]