When creating a Your Gamify website that hosts chained contests you, as the creator, are required to prepare the needed basic information in order for the website to be published.

Main phases:

  • Preparation
  • Start
  • Duration
  • Ending

Preparation phase will help you prepare the needed content in order to have the website ready and operational. In this phase you will set up the following configuration:

  • Subdomain name
  • Your Gamify Website title
  • Design colors
  • The main your gamify image (uploada good quality image)
  • Other basic information – phone, email, twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin
  • Point value (The main point value is determined more as a guideline. If you choose 10, then the points and ranking system will work around 10 points. If you choose 1000 then the ranking system will scale itself up to higher numbers. This is more or less only for flavour.)

When your gamify starts the users of Enkronos Apps can start participating to individual contests. Each participation creates some sort of points for the ranking system (read more in Ranking and Rewards). During the duration of Your Gamify you, the creator, can see in real time the ranking system and the participations. However, it is important to note, that the rewards at this point are not locked yet. While the Your Gamify is in duration of its activity, the rewards can not be locked to the participants.

After the individual contests end, you, the creator, can lock the rewards and thus finalize Your Gamify. At this point you should start your procedure of giving away prizes to the winners.

Read here about the next feature Google Analytics.

For more information about Your Gamify please see Use Cases or contact us.

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